Canon USA Inc and its subsidiary, Virtual Imaging Inc, announced that they showcased their lineup of digital radiography (DR) solutions, including the RadPro2 radiology detectors, at the 2015 American Healthcare Radiology Administrators Exposition (AHRA) meeting in Las Vegas, July 20–22. The companies presented a variety of digital radiography solutions designed to provide healthcare professionals cost-effective, productivity-enhancing solutions.

In addition to exhibiting the newest RadPro radiology solutions, Canon USA announced a major milestone at the AHRA 2015 meeting—its parent company, Canon Inc, has reached 30,000 global sales of digital radiology (DR) detectors. Canon USA reports that this is a benchmark for the company, which entered the market in 1998 with a digital radiography system that featured an x-ray image sensor.

Canon DR capabilities can be shared among rooms with the RadPro Delinia 200 digital x-ray acquisition cart, which transports the Canon detectors featuring auto-detection mode. The detectors work with existing installed x-ray generators or mobile system generators. The Delinia cart comes equipped with a choice of Canon CXDI-701C/801C/401C wireless detectors designed to deliver high-resolution imaging with a low x-ray dose.

The companies also displayed the RadPro DR overhead radiology room and mobile solutions. The RadPro Omnera 400T digital radiographic system is designed to incorporate a lightweight construction with tube-mounted 10-inch touch screen and tight integration with certain Canon CXDI digital detectors, which are sold separately. This manual positioning system provides servo tracking to both the wall stand and table to provide precision positioning quickly and easily. Designed to help healthcare professionals meet the challenges of demanding imaging departments and help create an efficient workflow to increase patient throughput, the 400T system is suitable for hospitals, imaging centers, and clinics.

Canon reports that with its compact and easy-to-maneuver design, the RadPro 40kW digital mobile x-ray system provides the flexibility to bring the radiography room to the patient and allow administrators to maximize office space by reducing the need to have dedicated rooms for specific procedures. The Enhanced Workflow package is intended to help technologists complete routine tasks from the patient’s bedside without having to access a HIS/RIS from a dedicated workstation.

For more information on these digital radiology healthcare solutions, visit the Canon USA Inc website.