Nikkiso America Inc, the second largest producer of hemodialysis equipment globally, has announced the US launch of its DBB-06 hemodialysis system with a dialysis dose monitor, signaling the company’s entrance into the American renal market. Nikkiso, which has more than 100,000 systems in use in Europe and Asia, says the FDA-cleared system is designed to provide cost-effective reliability and efficiency.

The system’s integrated blood volume monitor helps clinicians evaluate and react to patients’ hydration status by continuously monitoring relative blood volume during treatment, and requires no additional disposables or cost per treatment. Other system features include ultrafiltration profiling, ultrapure dialysate, and patient blood pressure monitoring; there are also time-saving features such as programmed self-test/extracorporeal circuit priming and automatic disinfection and decalcification. A battery backup system is available in the case of power failure, and the system ensures continuous monitoring of the fluid removal system. A self-prompting touchscreen can store up to 16 patient prescriptions, and the system boasts what the company calls “extremely quiet” operation.

For more information, visit Nikkiso America.