MediSend representatives and members of the Partnership for Quality Medical Donations recently spent a week in Haiti, visiting program sites and meeting with field staff and Haitian health care workers to discuss progress since the earthquake and to help develop a sustainable plan for the reconstruction of Haiti’s health care system.

With the Atlantic hurricane season and millions of Haiti citizens still living in makeshift tent cities, the need for a reconstructed health care system is becoming a more pressing concern.

MediSend implemented the 2011 biomedical repair training programs in Haiti to professionally train and educate biomedical equipment repair technicians, while at the same time the company is supporting ongoing emergency relief with shipments of medical supplies and biomedical equipment. The program trains applicants who have been interviewed and approved by Tauane Araujo, MediSend’s international aid manager.

"The overall situation in Haiti is still chaotic after six months of aid pouring in from a number of organizations throughout the world. Hospitals continue to lack the capacity to perform complex surgeries and some critically essential health care services," Araujo said. "The only way that the situation in Haiti can actually improve is by empowering the Haitians themselves. Through professional education and training in biomedical technologies, MediSend can help Haitian hospitals build national capacity and deliver a much higher standard of care."