What happens when you put Ray Dalton, Sandy Morford and Jack Spears in a room and shake? You get a strong potion of entrepreneurial knowledge, a hint of inside information and no-nonsense predictions of the future of the healthcare technology management, service and support industry — plus a surprise as the three gurus offered poignant prognostications for the service biz!

Food for Independent Service
A HealthTech 2000 Panel Discussion

Think it’s impossible to start your own ISO in the era of manufacturer-owned multivendor service? Think the big boys are going to dominate the service industry forever?

A few well-qualified members of the service industry discussed this during a panel session at HealthTech 2000 and, surprise, they have a very positive outlook for the industry’s future. While manufacturers working in multivendor service may be gobbling up market share, the entrepreneurial geniuses of our industry are “nipping at the manufacturers’ toes,” taking bites of market-share where they can.

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