Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), New York, has implemented LiveData’s OR-Dashboard in 16 rooms, adding to the already 21 operating rooms in which the data integration software is already in use.

MSKCC operating rooms feature a “wall of knowledge,” which is a visual system that integrates all video, images, and patient information. The system consists of the OR-Dashboard, along with a display for high-resolution surgical video and laboratory images, and two clinical PACS monitors for viewing x-rays.

LiveData and MSKCC worked together to improve workflow and communication between the pathology department and the operating room by adding a display panel dedicated to logging and displaying real-time specimen status, which also appears in the pathology department’s own information system. This sharing of information allows MSKCC to extract and efficiently disseminate specimen information to the operating room, as well as the rest of the hospital.