Nihon Kohden has debuted the Life Scope G9, a bedside monitor that provides comprehensive parameter observation and can be customized to each patient regardless of health status or care setting. When used in conjunction with the company’s BSM-1700 transport monitor, the device continues to record data even during patient transport.

“Every patient has the potential to take a turn for the worse when it’s least expected,” said Wilson P. Constantine, chief executive officer, Nihon Kohden America. “Because of this, we believe that every piece of equipment should include all features—both standard and premium—unlocked and ready to use at a moment’s notice.” The Life Scope G9’s flexibility, he says, allows it to be used “in the broadest range of acuity levels in the hospital.”

The monitor gives clinicians the ability to observe patients based on common metrics and shared protocols, with drag-and-drop screen layouts that allow for quick access to patient data and can be tailored according to clinician preference. Patient-friendly features include a sleep mode that darkens the bedside screen and disables ECG synch sound and alarm indicators. The device’s integrated 12-lead ECG capability also reduces the need to change electrodes and conduct stand-alone ECG testing.

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