Quest International Inc, Irvine, Calif, introduces the 15-inch Model QMDL5PCXTM for patient monitoring and information management in patient-care environments. The touch-screen version, Model QMDL5PCX-SAWTM, is optional.

The device is used in high-acuity, perioperative, or obstetrical care. A slim bezel and small footprint make it a potential replacement for bulkier CRT monitors, and the unit may be a thrifty alternative to OEM-display options. The QMDL5PCXTM may universally replace OEM-specific displays even when specific, non-VESA timings are required.

The company sells and repairs most manufacturers’ medical imaging peripherals, such as LCDs, CRTs, VCRs, printers, and workstations, and is a distributor of medical displays.