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Mitigating the Imaging Engineer Talent Shortage

COVID-19 vaccines bring with them the promise of decreased deaths worldwide and the chance for all of us to return to a more “normal” life. What’s not to like, right? Ironically, the vaccines do create a unique set of challenges for the medical imaging industry that could have alarming consequences.



Adding Value: Why Technicians Make Better Managers

Requiring that in-house maintenance departments be managed by degreed clinical engineers may have made sense in the past, but today priority should be given to technicians who have demonstrated technical competence at the front-line levels.

Philips Completes Acquisition of Carestream Health’s HCIS Business

Royal Philips has completed the acquisition of Carestream Health Inc.’s Healthcare Information Systems (HCIS) business in 26 of the 38 countries in which it operates. Carestream HCIS’s cloud-enabled enterprise imaging platform will expand Philips’ current enterprise diagnostic informatics solutions, company officials say.

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Sounding Off About Medical Alarm Management

An electrode needing to be changed has little impact on patient safety. But alarms tied directly to a patient’s health, such as monitors that alert when oxygen levels have become dangerously low, need to be clear so a clinician is cued to act. Here is HTM’s responsibility.

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Evaluating Your Service Options

24×7 Magazine reached out to several service-oriented companies for our annual snapshot of what’s available to HTM departments that either don’t have all the resources they need to handle technology management on their own, or value the “value add” that such companies can offer in their quest to do great work at the lowest possible cost. Here’s what they said.

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