CenTrak launched a new expert-led consulting and training service that provides a tailored, multi-tiered assessment, and transformation program to healthcare systems, called CenTrak Engage.

After a comprehensive and collaborative review of current processes, CenTrak Engage provides practical recommendations on ways for healthcare systems to enhance asset management, staff workflow optimization, and patient throughput while increasing productivity and reducing operating costs through the thoughtful application of Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS).

The 2021 acquisition of Infinite Leap expanded CenTrak’s expertise by adding knowledgeable location technology consultants and comprehensive on-site support services in-house.

“As CenTrak continues to grow beyond its origins as a technology vendor and further establish itself as an end-to-end strategic solutions provider, our team is excited to support healthcare organizations in their efforts to enhance the patient experience, improve staff satisfaction, and gain operational efficiencies at such a crucial time,” says Scott Hondros, CenTrak’s vice president of professional services. “We’ve found the best way to achieve this is through a personalized approach that combines expert consulting and workflow redesign customized to the unique needs and goals of each facility. With this methodology, our team helps healthcare leaders fully leverage location services while driving user adoption and change management.”

CenTrak Engage uses a proprietary, three-phased framework for change management. Upon assessing the facility and its current needs and goals, CenTrak experts ensure the right technology is deployed, the right processes are in place to leverage the investment, and adequate resources are available to those running the program.

  • Assess: This initial stage utilizes CenTrak’s experienced clinical consultants, hospital operations experts, and business analysts to provide use case assessments and develop a strategic roadmap, deployment plan, operational model, and budget summary.
  • Readiness: During this phase CenTrak’s consultants ensure that staff is ready to leverage the power of location technologies by reviewing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and assisting with redesigning facility processes in a data-driven and patient-focused way. The readiness phase also includes creating communication plans and training tools, and monitoring post-go live activities to identify process gaps and any need for additional training to drive toward program success.
  • Transformation: Lastly, the consultants assist with deriving actionable intelligence from the location system to transform the healthcare enterprise. This includes implementing process changes, sending notifications about system anomalies for proactive action, and identifying and monitoring ongoing metrics for success. The process also includes documenting ROI and value measurements and developing management reports.

The launch of CenTrak Engage is the next milestone in the company’s evolution from a provider of IoT devices to a strategic technology and solutions partner.

CenTrak will be presenting additional insights on Engage services in July.