Voalté, a provider of clinical communications technology, unveils Voalté One 2.0, the latest update to its Nov27Voaltepoint-of-care smartphone solution.

The 2.0 software package, led by direct user feedback, improves the Voalté One solution by providing a faster and more streamlined user experience, according to the company.

New features include:

  • A brand new user interface that streamlines navigation and communication.
  • A simplified directory that enables users to navigate between their own unit, other units, buildings, and favorites with a single tap.
  • An enhanced search that makes it easy for users to quickly locate others by last name, first name, or title.
  • “Quick Response” feature allows users to reply to questions with a single tap on “Yes,” “No,” or “OK.”
  • Read receipts that notify the sender when a recipient has read a message.
  • In-line presence updates within the text conversation keep users informed of another party’s availability.