Stamford, Conn.-based WellAir, a technologies company that helps provide a healthier indoor environment, announces its partnership with Vizient, Inc., a member-driven, healthcare performance improvement company. Vizient members will be able to purchase WellAir’s air and surface disinfection devices at contracted pricing. This comes at a time when the healthcare industry is experiencing an unprecedented need for enhanced disinfection protocols.

Earlier this year, WellAir’s Defend 1050 device, which utilizes patented NanoStrike technology, was cleared by the U.S. FDA as a 510(k) class II medical device for filtering out and inactivating airborne particles from the air for medical purposes. In complement, WellAir’s surface disinfection device, NuvaWave, uses patented UVC technology to provide instant disinfection against harmful pathogens.

The new agreement will strengthen WellAir’s presence in Vizient’s broad network of healthcare organizations across the country—from large integrated delivery networks and academic medical centers to community hospitals, children’s hospitals, and non-acute care providers.

“WellAir is proud to be part of the air and surface disinfection protocols for the patients, staff, and visitors of Vizient’s member facilities. Our offerings are used worldwide in healthcare, education, and commercial settings, enabling us to be a trusted partner with Vizient,” says Brad Niemann, executive vice president of healthcare.

Featured image: WellAir’s Defend 1050 device