A Medtronic Infusion Pump is at the center of a lawsuit. A woman in Georgia, who filed the claim on behalf of her friend, alleges the device used to deliver medications, malfunctioned and left her friend in the hospital.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff is a 32-year-old woman with a history of muscle spasticity in her upper extremities, lower extremity weakness, and a seizure disorder due to the traumatic brain injury.

To reduce the spasticity, the plaintiff was implanted with the Medtronic SynchroMed II device in June 2011. It was later replaced in June 2017 with an identical device. Unfortunately, this second device malfunctioned, eroding through the plaintiff’s skin. It had to be removed shortly after implantation.

Doctors implanted a third pump—the same kind—into the plaintiff in January 2018. It was supposed to deliver a programmed amount of medication into her spine. For several months, the plaintiff’s muscle spasms improved, but then at the end of October, she suffered a series of six seizures in a handful of days.

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