Newer Technology Inc, Woodstock, Ill, gives standard AC outlets a 21st-century overhaul with its next-generation Power2U AC/USB wall outlet. The company has added a pair of USB ports to the familiar faceplate that comes with two, three-prong outlets. People who need to charge USB-based devices do not need to carry cord converters anymore; they can simply plug the USB directly into the outlet. The outlet supports USB 3.0, 2.0, and 1.1 ports. The Power2U AC/USB outlet features tamper-resistant receptacles and now comes in a 20-amp model. Fifteen-amp models are available, too. To blend in, the device has four color options: white, light almond, ivory, and black. The outlet outputs only the charging power needed to meet the requirements of the devices plugged in. Spring-loaded safety shutters completely turn off power to the USB ports when unused to prevent vampire draw.

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