GE Digital Energy introduces the Zenith ZTE series 40-4000 amp automatic transfer switch (ATS) system, providing facility managers with new safety options to prevent problems that could damage equipment or cause unnecessary outages to critical loads.
New features include expanded diagnostics, built-in test and outage reporting, power quality metering that can measure current and voltage harmonics/THD, and high-speed alarm capture capability.
The system also utilizes on-board data logging and high-speed waveform capture capability that can provide users with a fast diagnosis of power anomalies. Data log and waveform files may be viewed and saved using free MX350 setup software that easily connects through a front display USB port.
The Zenith ZTE series ATS also includes entirely new features such as auto load shed, which permits the ATS to signal for the disconnection of downstream lower-priority loads in the event of a generator overload.
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