Medical equipment provider US Med-Equip is expanding to provide on-demand rentals and services from its new branch in San Jose, California.

US Med-Equip works with top hospitals and other healthcare partners and takes orders any time for the rental, sales, biomedical repair service and asset management of movable medical equipment—diagnostic and clinical devices ranging from infusion pumps and anesthesia monitors to ventilators, incubators, and more.  

The company says it is opening new branches nationwide to meet extraordinary demand. US Med-Equip’s new San Jose office is one of nearly 50 locations across the country, with more on the way. 

“The US Med-Equip team is standing by to deliver life-saving medical equipment to frontline healthcare workers when they need it so clinicians can focus on the wellness of patients in their care,” US Med-Equip CEO Greg Salario says. 

US Med-Equip recently opened new offices in Anaheim and Burbank, Calif., as well as new regional support center in Chicago, to help keep up with record demand for high quality medical equipment as hospitals see peak patient numbers while battling both the flu and COVID-19’s omicron variant

US Med-Equip’s western expansion so far also includes new offices in Las Vegas, Denver, Salt Lake City, and Phoenix.