Medical device manufacturing company Remington Medical has launched a wireless, handheld vascular Doppler device for surgical and clinical use, called the VascuChek.

The company’s leaders previously took a deep dive into the functionality of a vascular Doppler device that had been used by top surgeons and clinicians for decades.

“Our team realized that traditional vascular equipment has an extensive list of inefficiencies, including long cables, poor quality speakers, and an unreliable battery source, to name a few,” says Attly Aycock, CEO of Remington. “After reviewing the list of flaws that came with traditional vascular equipment, it was clear that the healthcare industry had an urgent need for a new and improved way to assess patient blood flow more effectively.”

Remington’s VascuChek is designed and manufactured with a continuous 9 MHz wave system and takes up a fraction of the space of current Doppler system technology by eliminating the use of a large transceiver box with tethered probes and restrictive cords.

VascuChek also offers a variety of other vascular screening advantages like cordless accessibility and improved user control and reliability. VascuChek is intended for the intraoperative and transcutaneous evaluation of blood flow in a wide range of applications like intraoperative (microvascular and vascular), neurological, and peripheral vascular. VascuChek is also intended for the non-invasive transcutaneous evaluation of blood flow.

Multiple prototypes of the VasuChek were created, and after choosing a design that exceeded expectations, the team interviewed more than 100 of the nation’s top physicians and surgeons to ask if the vascular Doppler device would be a valuable addition to the market.

Remington Medical specializes in manufacturing medical devices and contract manufacturing services. The company operates from two facilities in Georgia and a nearshore facility in the Dominican Republic.