Boston-based infusion pump company Ivenix announces that it now features smart pump interoperability with Epic—a move, company officials say, that advances patient outcomes, clinical quality, and operational efficiency in infusion delivery.

The functionality includes automatically programming the Ivenix large-volume pump from providers’ orders, reducing error-prone manual steps and variability in the medication administration process. The data from the pump flows to the patient’s medical record, reducing the clinician’s time spent in documentation and the potential for transcription and/or omission errors. 

Moreover, the Ivenix pump provides a large, smartphone-like screen, which displays a barcode and allows clinicians to review and accept medication orders on the pump. The built-in integration engine within the Ivenix system supports secure, standard interoperability, without the need for costly middleware. The system also includes valuable tools to automate testing, reducing the implementation timeline and resources to synchronize the drug library with the formulary.  

“By developing and testing auto-pump programming and documentation with Epic, hospitals can now feel confident the Ivenix system works within their existing IT environment,” says George Gray, chief technology officer at Ivenix. “Auto-pump programming and documentation are valuable steps in infusion interoperability in reducing complexity and the potential for error.”