Irvine, Calif.-based Renovo Solutions is addressing the evolution of cybersecurity vulnerabilities and threats with the need for accurate, effective risk mitigation strategies to focus on connected medical devices. To address this escalating need, Renovo Solutions has partnered with Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Asimily to integrate Asimily Insight into Renovo Solutions’ Integrated Systems Management program.

Asimily’s detailed networked medical device information, vulnerability management, anomaly detection and alerting, and risk profiling use cases enabled via the company’s network monitoring platform complements Renovo Solutions’ Cybersecurity Managed Services, company officials say. In fact, they add, “converging the technical competence of Asimily and Renovo Solutions creates the best-of-breed HTM lifecycle and risk management portfolio.”

From the inception of its asset management/HTM program offerings in 2009, Renovo Solutions recognized that the HTM programs of the future must include a focused and disciplined framework to effectively manage the risks associated with networked medical devices. At that time, Renovo Solutions was the first independent HTM service organization to author a whitepaper addressing this subject. 

Integrating best practices from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Center for Internet Security, and the information technology industry with traditional HTM asset management principles, Renovo Solutions launched a medical equipment management framework called Integrated Systems Management (ISM). Moreover, in 2013, Renovo Solutions and Arcadia, Calif.-based Methodist Hospital received the ECRI Health Devices Achievement Award, recognizing excellence and innovation enabling healthcare organizations to improve patient care.

Finally, in 2018, Renovo Solutions and Lewes, Del.-based Beebe Healthcare won the AAMI Foundation & Institute for Technology in Health Care’s Clinical Solutions Award. This award honors healthcare technology professionals that have applied innovative clinical engineering practices to solve a significant patient care problem facing a patient population or community.