Appleton, Wis.-based Technical Prospects is celebrating 20 years of operation. The company, which sells new and preowned Siemens medical imaging parts, has come a long way since founder Bob Probst started the company in 1997, according to company officials.

For the first few years of business, Technical Prospects focused exclusively on Siemens CT parts and operated in a 10-foot-by-10-foot room in Greenville, Wis. Today, the company enjoys 72,000 square feet of space, with 60,000 square feet dedicated to housing more than 32,000 Siemens medical imaging parts in an environmentally controlled facility. And in a bid to streamline company processes, Technical Prospects saw the value in investing in an enterprise resource planning software system.

“We put in a full enterprise management system to control our business holistically—aspects from quality, inventory, and shipping to sales processes and accounting,” says Jeremy Probst, Technical Prospects’ chief operating officer. “As a result, the company can tell you what parts they have available almost immediately, at all times. All parts and orders are traceable and accountable. Having this backbone infrastructure allows us to grow and is going to allow us to grow indefinitely.”

Moreover, 2016 brought about continuous training course development to round out Technical Prospects’ training center offerings. In addition to adding three new Siemens Medical Imaging equipment training courses, the company also launched new online programs.

Company officials say additional training offerings are a boon to business because “having trained engineers means less reliance on OEM contracts and service providers, which equals significant savings for the hospital.”

Technical Prospects online training programs include: “Introduction to X-ray” and “Introduction to Computed Tomography,” as well as online syngo training. Technical Prospects officials say their 20th year of business includes: an Siemens Artis ZEE/Artis dFC/Artis FA course and Aristos MX/VX training, as well as a fluoroscopy course that includes instruction on the Luminos TF, Sireskop, and Uroskop Access systems.