Indianapolis-based TRIMEDX announces availability this summer of its proprietary prescriptive analytics platform, Clinical Asset Informatics 2.0. By bringing real-time visibility to health systems’ medical devices, Clinical Asset Informatics enables health system leaders to reduce risk, improve patient safety, save money across clinical engineering and medical device cybersecurity programs, and strategically plan for capital spend.

“TRIMEDX works to transform data into a single source of truth for providers’ clinical assets by providing real-time visibility into the status of medical devices and organizing work to align with a provider’s strategic goals and operations,” says TRIMEDX CEO Henry Hummel. “By leveraging our industry data and proprietary algorithms along with a provider’s specific data, Clinical Asset Informatics quickly identifies the greatest opportunities for savings and the most urgent areas for action.”

Clinical Asset Informatics draws from a large industry data set, including 25 years of normalized service history on more than 4 million devices across more than 4,500 sites of care, a database of cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and approved patches and insights related to parts availability. TRIMEDX data is integrated with a provider’s device utilization, inventory data for comparative benchmarks, and proprietary algorithms to quickly notify providers of opportunities and risks.

“Clinical Asset Informatics is cloud-based and easy to access with a user interface designed to provide a personalized experience and understanding into a provider’s clinical assets. This brings to the forefront information that providers don’t have the resources to find by themselves,” adds LeAnne Hester, chief marketing officer at TRIMEDX. “To realize the savings, Clinical Asset Informatics includes project creation and tracking, as well as the ability to take action within the platform based on the recommendations. It is a seamless interaction for our providers.”

With the combination of prescriptive analytics, proprietary algorithms, and industry data, TRIMEDX delivers insights and recommendations to drive operational change along with comprehensive, real-time visibility into every detail of clients’ medical device inventory.

  • For TRIMEDX’s comprehensive clinical engineering program, Clinical Asset Informatics provides real-time information on equipment availability, status updates for repairs, including U.S. FDA recalls, and overall performance of clinical engineering programs and trends to minimize disruption to patient care, support patient safety, and deliver cost savings.
  • Clients can identify ways to drive savings with prescriptive inventory optimization recommendations as part of the TRIMEDX Clinical Asset Management Advanced solution. Each device is evaluated by TRIMEDX’s proprietary algorithm, RUDR ScoreSM, indicating whether it should be replaced, upgraded, disposed, or reallocated to other sites of care. By removing excess devices from inventory and better utilizing current devices, health systems can optimize capital budgets and cut operational expenses.
  • The TRIMEDX CYBER Advanced solution assists in reducing overall remediation time and improve the risk of an organization by delivering real-time monitoring of medical devices, visibility into threats and vulnerabilities, and a proprietary CYBER Risk Score for each connected medical device as well as managing remediation efforts including patch management and compensating controls.

Clinical Asset Informatics 2.0 is available this summer for all TRIMEDX clients and included in a contract for clinical engineering, clinical asset management and CYBER solutions. All existing TRIMEDX Clinical Asset Informatics clients will be upgraded to Clinical Asset Informatics 2.0 as part of their existing solution, company officials say.