Pittsburgh-based Innovatus Imaging announces the launch of Innovatus University, a virtual classroom designed to provide live webinars relative to product services offered by the company. Classes range from basic to advanced topics for ultrasound probes, MRI coils, and more. The company also partners with local and regional HTM organizations to host virtual meetings for their members. 

Also new is Innovatus University On-The-Road, where Innovatus industry experts provide consulting services and in-person training for healthcare and HTM professionals. 

“Innovatus University was founded on the principles that students, healthcare staff, and HTM professionals are best served through live, hands-on, experiences in the real world, in real time, to more fully understand the critical nature and equipment issues associated with managing imaging devices which is essential to treating patients,” says Ted Lucidi, CBET, customer experience and clinical insights lead at Innovatus Imaging. “Although videos and prerecorded webinars are available, sessions are designed to be live so that attendees can maximize their experience.”

Find more information at www.innovatusimaging.com/innovatusuniversity.