While combing through the results from our recently completed compensation survey, comments that stood out talked again and again about the lack of help to shoulder the workload. In addition, training opportunities and trips to trade shows have been reduced. So, what’s a clinical/biomedical engineer, specialist, manager, or director to do to streamline work? Or how can you quickly get much needed information or connect with your peers? Technology can play a positive role in disseminating information, such as best practices through this blog, free advice through our Expert Insight section, maintenance help through the long-established Biomedtalk listserv, and various other industry resources. Our July article on social networking discusses other sites and the overall benefits.

More and more, we are all drawn to the Internet to find information and connect with each other, and 24×7 has just created another way for the industry to build a resource community through the creation of its 24×7 group on LinkedIn. Since many of you are already on LinkedIn, we wanted to offer another way for you to exchange tips or seek advice from one another.

The next time you’re signed into LinkedIn, join the group, start a discussion, and help expand this community.



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