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Pat Stires

Pat Stires, post-retirement.

Pat Stires, CRES-E, recently retired from Virtual Imaging Inc after four decades working in medical imaging service. He took some time off from his busy retirement schedule to pen the poem below, a celebration of the travel-heavy life of the imaging specialist. “My hope was to let all biomeds know there is a light at the end of the tunnel,” he says.

He was also kind enough to submit the photo of himself above. He says he now enjoys family, fishing, home projects, and travel.

Ode to the Biomed Road Warrior’s Life

They can be a humble lot,
no big heads among the bunch.
They go from fire to fire
often not braking for lunch.

They walk into a healthcare site
with tool bag on its trailing cart,
knowing they can make things right
if they can just get the doggoned part.

Their careers can be long
with many rewards along the way,
Though they will sing a happy song
when they reach their final day.

‘Cause besides the money earned,
(enough to make a living),
they will have also learned
the sheer joy of giving.

They gain many friends,
some so very close
with joy that never ends,
they tie the knot with bows!

They kept their faith,
and family above all else.
While making things work safe,
they gave clinicians help.

Along the repairing journey
they said “intermittent”
so very much that the staff
wanted to strap them to a gurney.

The road can seem to go
on and on forever.
The cars moving so slow
Warriors get frustrated, never!

The Road Warrior’s travels
can also be very pleasing.
Even driving over gravel
in Spring can be so appealing.

The Road Warrior gets to enjoy
a vehicle to the max.
Whether it be a favorite toy
or a truck piled high with racks.

They can run with their sounds
jumping with the beats,
Till the cell phone drowns
it out with hands-free greets.

Yet another service call
that may be full of strife.
No need to worry, y’all,
it’s a Biomed Road Warrior’s life!