The National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF), Boston, Mass, recently welcomed TeleTracking Technologies Inc as a member of the NPSF Patient Safety Coalition, which was established to align stakeholders from across healthcare in a unifying mission. The NPSF reports that TeleTracking provides operational management software solutions and services to help hospitals staff efficiently, manage change, optimize capacity, fight hospital acquired infection, and make cultural transformations, all with the goal of enhancing safety.

“Our intelligent operational software platform can track infected patients, exposed workers, and equipment, as well as monitor hand-washing compliance,” said Michael Gallup, president, TeleTracking. “These capabilities are critical to containing infection and maintaining patient safety, so our work is very much aligned with the foundation’s focus.”

In a recent announcement, NPSF explained that membership in the NPSF Patient Safety Coalition is open to myriad groups, including solutions providers working to address patient safety challenges, professional associations, advocacy organizations, and other similarly committed organizations. One aim of the coalition is for members to gain valuable opportunities for networking, learning, and knowledge-sharing through quarterly webinars, an annual member meeting, special projects and events, and other activities.

“Like other members of the NPSF Patient Safety Coalition, TeleTracking shares our goal of advancing patient safety for all,” said Tejal K. Gandhi, MD,  president and CEO of NPSF. “We are very pleased to welcome TeleTracking as a new member, and we look forward to working with them to share knowledge and promote advances in the field.”

For more information about the NPSF Patient Safety Coalition and how to join, visit the NPSF website.