Tru-D SmartUVC LLC is participating in the HealthTrust University Conference & Vendor Fair in Nashville, Tenn, August 17–19 to showcase the company’s automated UV disinfection robot and discuss how it fits into healthcare facilities’ comprehensive infection prevention programs.

According to an announcement from Tru-D, the company has been a contracted supplier of HealthTrust since January 1, 2015. Its pathogen-eliminating UV robot is a portable UV disinfection system that measures reflected UVC emissions with Sensor360 technology and automatically calculates the pathogen-lethal UV dose required to terminally disinfect each room, while compensating for room size, shape, and other dose-altering variables, including position of contents, windows, blinds, and doors.

According to the company, the UV disinfection robot is typically brought in after a hospital staff member completes traditional disinfection routines. The robot’s low-pressure mercury vapor lamps, authorized by the Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy for use in healthcare environments, deliver UVC energy to ensure disinfection. Tru-D’s cloud-based data-tracking technology, iTru-D, transfers usage data to a customized portal to provide real-time results using graphics and exportable records.

ECRI Institute named disinfecting robots as the number one technology in the Top 10 Hospital C-Suite Watch List for 2015. The results of a comprehensive UV disinfection study, “Benefits of Enhanced Terminal Room Disinfection,” performed by the Duke Infection Control Outreach Network and funded by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), are due out later this year. Tru-D was selected as the exclusive device for the $2 million study.

According to the CDC, healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) affect 2 million people every year, resulting in nearly 100,000 deaths and $30 billion in medical costs. Tru-D’s UV disinfection robot has been validated in more than a dozen independent studies and can eliminate the human error inherent in room disinfection, the company says. More hospitals are choosing UV disinfection technology and automated disinfection systems to raise their HCAHPS scores and reduce the high costs associated with healthcare-associated infections.

For more information about the automated UV disinfection robot, visit the Tru-D booth (#307) at HealthTrust’s University Conference & Vendor Fair in Nashville or the Tru-D SmartUVC website.