BC Group has released the Monopolar Handpiece Simulator, the most recent accessory for the ESU-2400 and ESU-2400H electrosurgical analyzers. According to the company, the simulator improves safety during testing of electrosurgical generators by replacing the electrosurgical handpiece, or pencil.

Monopolar Handpiece SimulatorBC Group reports that the simulator is built to work like the pencil, but uses internal relays to activate cut and coagulation (coag). Since it is controlled by the ESU-2400 or ESU-2400H, the simulator allows further automated testing of more electrosurgical generators than before. Using the same connector and wiring as a standard two-button electrosurgical pencil, the Monopolar Handpiece Simulator can safely activate the cut and coag output.

According to BC Group, biomedical technicians previously had to activate the handpiece cut and coag power by inserting insulated jumpers into the monopolar output ports. This method is dangerous, posing a risk for severe burns. The danger is avoided, BC Group says, by using the new simulator.

The Monopolar Handpiece Simulator is said to be a versatile instrument, designed for use with any electrosurgical generator that utilizes a standard three-pin monopolar port for electrosurgical pencils. Compatible models include the Conmed System 5000 or 2450, the Coviden ForceTriad or ForceFx, and Bovie generators.

For more information about the simulator (part number BC20-03005), visit the BC Group website.