In addition to its real-time location system (RTLS) that monitors the location and status of medical equipment throughout the hospital, RadarFind, Raleigh, NC, has expanded its line and also offers a location tracking capability specifically designed to fit cardiac telemetry units. The system includes new asset tracking tags, which can be configured with the hospital’s RTLS to pinpoint the exact location of telemetry units and provide e-mail or pager alerts when the units approach prespecified locations, such as exits. Tracking information is available on any computer or PDA connected to the hospital’s Intranet. To prevent interference with other telemetry frequencies and Wi-Fi networks, the tags operate in the 900 MHz ISM band. Additionally, tags can be put into a maintenance mode within the tracking software if an assigned telemetry device is being repaired.

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Versus Technology

The Versus information system (VIS), from Versus Technology, Traverse City, Mich, provides an instantaneously updated tracking solution that allows users to track assets using multiple software views and enables both enterprise-wide and specific area equipment searches. The system is capable of triggering events, such as alarms and automated charges, based on interaction between items and locations, and can report on real-time and retrospective data. Additionally, users can enhance their existing systems via HL7 with locating, automation, and reporting. VIS also features end-to-end active infrared-radio frequency identification (IR-RFID) systems powered by rules engine.

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To optimize the tracking, management, and utilization of equipment, AeroScout, Redwood City, Calif, offers a variety of asset tracking and equipment maintenance solutions, such as real-time location systems (RTLS), active RFID, asset tracking, sensing and monitoring, auto-ID, and inventory management. In addition to solutions that can speed up finding equipment for preventive maintenance or recalls, solutions also exist to help users automate order fulfillment, inventory and rental management, and facilitate regulatory compliance. The company’s solutions leverage existing Wi-Fi networks to avoid the need for installing a dedicated network of RFID readers. The company also maintains an extensive suite of temperature and humidity monitoring and patient tracking systems.

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EQ2, Burlington, Vt, offers a product for tracking mobile equipment and supplies that combines the efforts of EQ2, Microsoft, and Intermec. The scalable autoID and RFID solution and standardized business-ware (the middle layer between the technology and the business servers) serves the needs of hospital clinical equipment professionals. The product utilizes Microsoft’s standard RFID server platform, BizTalk; Intermec’s patented AutoID technologies and engineering expertise; and EQ2’s knowledge of clinical equipment management processes and systems.

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