The Philips 24-inch (C240P4QPYEW) and 27-inch (C271P4QPJEW) clinical review displays are factory calibrated to give DICOM part 14 compatible Grayscale standard display performance. The monitors’ LCD panels and LED technology offer consistent and reliable performance. Both displays use a JIS Z2801 compliant antimicrobial additive in their housing material to prevent germs from festering on the equipment. The displays also have a built-in Philips PowerSensor technology that determines if a user is persont, automatically reducing monitor brightness when the user steps away from the desk. This function can reduce energy costs by up to 80%, while also prolonging monitor life. The 24-inch model features IPS LED wide view technology for image and color accuracy, and DVI-D, VGA inputs with the added benefit of DisplayPort 1.2 technology, which delivers high performance and zero latency for the fast imaging and refresh rates.


C271P4QPJ f-image_opt