Radiology and oncology services provider Akumin announced to customers that a recent ransomware attack was preventing the company from scheduling new patients or accessing patient data.

In a statement to customers, Akumin said it had to temporarily postpone most of its clinical and diagnostic operations until its systems can be restored in a safe and secure manner. As a result the company was unable to see patients at some of its fixed-site locations. Akumin was unable to provide an estimated timeline for a restoration of its services.

The company had identified suspicious activity in its network and further investigation revealed that it was a ransomware incident. Ransomware is a kind of cyberattack that targets sensitive information, like patient data, and uses it to extort money from the company, often with the threat of releasing the sensitive data publicly. Because health information is protected by HIPAA law, healthcare providers are responsible for its security.

Akumin said that it is working with business partners and third-party specialists to safely resume business activities. The company has made progress in restoring certain operations, including all oncology services and has resumed treating some patients, but cautioned that restorations of this nature will take time.

Imaging results from prior years may still be unavailable because the company’s systems are being restored with different timelines. It asks patients to check with the clinic location they visited to learn more about the availability of prior studies.

The company stated that it will provide additional updates as they become available. Until the situation is fully resolved, the company is asking patients to contact their healthcare providers directly if they have immediate medical concerns.

Akumin also announced that the Florida-based company has declared chapter 11 bankruptcy to restructure its debt and fortify its balance sheet. The move is not related to the ransomware attack but is part of a previous plan with its stakeholders. It is not expected to affect operations and Akumin expects to continue paying creditors, employees and other partners as usual.