Siemens Healthcare has announced that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently cleared the Mammomat Fusion, the company’s latest addition to its line of full-field digital mammography systems that addresses the specific needs of volume screening centers and small to medium-sized hospitals.

According to Siemens, the Mammomat Fusion mammography system has a new generation cesium-iodide detector – a layered configuration of the photo diodes within the detector that enables more efficient utilization of the radiation dose. As a result, the system produces high image quality at a patient dose that is at or below the range of other full-field digital mammography systems, with a lower dose delivered in cases where the patient’s breast thickness exceeds 50 mm. The system has an image matrix of 23×30 cm to allow for screening various breast sizes.

The Mammomat Fusion mammography system has OpDose technology, which is designed to ensure that the radiation dose can be tailored for each patient without compromising image quality. The technologist can select the appropriate parameters in accordance with the patient’s breast size and density. The company reports that the screening process is simplified with the compact, syngo-based Acquisition Workstation (AWS), which allows users to load patient data directly from the radiology information system without requiring a second workstation. The system also has an automated workflow that enables scanning with one click, and easy manual positioning.

Siemens reports that with the Mammomat Fusion system more breast centers and smaller hospitals should be able to offer women many of the same technological features previously found only in the company’s premium breast imaging systems.

For more information about the Mammomat Fusion, visit the Siemens Healthcare website.