Fujifilm SonoSite Inc, a designer of ultrasound tools and education for access to point-of-care visualization, has announced that it received the CE mark for iViz, its new mobile ultrasound solution.

According to Fujifilm SonoSite, the iViz platform has mobility and flexibility to allow clinical users in hospital settings or clinics in remote villages the ability to perform ultrasound when and where it is needed. The platform’s mobility is said to allow for good image performance and connectivity for clinicians on the move and in the field, through an integration of ultrasound with medical IT. The iViz provides seamless access to patient vitals, online applications, and learning resources. It also integrates with hospital IT and EMR systems so clinicians can obtain patient demographics and submit reports. It connects securely with cloud services for sharing studies with remote providers for near-time assessments.

The company reports that the iViz is lightweight and specifically designed for emerging point-of-care settings where there is need for a highly accessible and mobile solution. It has a high-resolution 7-inch display touchscreen, a wide dynamic range over a large viewing angle with vibrant color flow images, Wi-Fi capabilities, Bluetooth connectivity, and interface ports for USB, HDMI, and audio.

In addition to high-resolution 2D imaging, the system supports M-Mode and Color Velocity Doppler. The iViz is available with a P21v phased array 5MHz transducer, and includes the company’s software technologies: SonoHD2 imaging technology, and SonoADAPT tissue optimization technology.

For more information about the iViz, visit the Fujifilm SonoSite website.