Samsung RS80A with Prestige ultrasound systemSamsung debuted the newest additions to its imaging portfolio with exhibits at the recent RSNA 2015 annual meeting in Chicago. Among other new diagnostic products on display, including those in Samsung’s CT and DR segments, was the RS80A with Prestige ultrasound system, a diagnostic ultrasound device now available in the US.

The company reports that the RS80A with Prestige has advanced technical capabilities built on several Samsung technologies. Product features include S-Fusion, which enables simultaneous localization of lesions with a real-time ultrasound image supported by other modalities’ 3D data sets. According to the company, fusion speed and accuracy are the strengths of S-Fusion. The RS80A also has S-Shearwave to detect the velocity of the shearwave transmitted through the targeted lesion and display the numerical measurement of stiffness; E-Breast for breast lesion exams to calculate the strain between the area of the suspected lesion (ROI) and normal breast fat and display the results; and E-Thyroid to assist with the diagnosis of thyroid lesions.

Also on display at RSNA 2015 was Samsung’s HS70A ultrasound system, which was designed for hospital and private care and has a flexible architecture to meet the clinical needs of varied users. The HS70A includes technologies migrated from the premium radiology RS80A platform, says the company, including S-Detect, which uses Breast Imaging-Reporting, and Data System (BI-RADS) scores for analysis and classification of suspicious lesions.

For more information about the RS80A with Prestige and HS70A ultrasound systems, visit the Samsung or NeuroLogica websites. NeuroLogica is a healthcare subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.