BC Technical, an independent non-OEM medical imaging solutions provider based in West Jordan, Utah, has announced that it acquired Magnaserv Enterprises Inc to strengthen its imaging support and service capabilities.

BC Technical reports that in its efforts to provide greater value as a service and parts provider for CT, MR, NM, PET and PET/CT, it focused on MagnaServ, which offers services for MRI and CT in the United States. With its acquisition of Magnaserv, BC Technical is able to continue adding expertise and strengthening its capabilities within these modalities.

The acquisition of MagnaServ, based in Stuart, Fla, will reportedly expand BC Technical’s network of engineers in the field, allowing them to provide customer service and advanced technical support to a broader customer base. According to BC Technical, MagnaServ became a leading ISO for MRI and CT in the United States through a focus on identifying  clients’ core needs, and partnering with them to develop a customized solution.

“We’re excited to join the BC Technical team and we’re confident that not only will they continue the level of service our clients have come to expect, but will take the organization to the next level,” said MagnaServ CEO Len Spooner.

For more information about the companies and the acquisition, see the BC Technical news announcement.