EOS imaging has received FDA 510(k) clearance for its knee EOS 3D surgical planning software for total knee arthroplasty, which means the company can now market the software in the United States.

Leveraging weight-bearing 3D images and data from the EOS system, the online 3D planning software can provide an optimized surgical plan for total knee arthroplasty. The software facilitates surgical preparation and alignment in 3D while illustrating relevant clinical parameters in real time, and that generates an initial proposal for the size selection and position of the implant components.

“The knee EOS FDA clearance is an important milestone that allows us to offer our full set of software solutions to the U.S. market,” says Marie Meynadier, EOS imaging’s CEO. Explaining further, she says the solution will support the growing adoption of EOS images, 3D models, and patient-specific datasets throughout the care continuum.

For patients, this means personalized treatments, absent the high dose and cost associated with CT imaging.

For more information about this software, visit EOS imaging.