A whitepaper from Siemens Healthcare examines worldwide trends in acquisitions of medical equipment.

Key points of the report include:

  • Because of the competitive nature of the US healthcare market, hospitals are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from others. One tactic they are using is advertising acquisitions of their latest equipment acquisitions to potential patients.
  • The challenge for all healthcare systems is finding ways to finance these acquisitions.
  • Austerity measures in some European countries are limiting access to available financing. Russia and Turkey are also experiencing difficulty replacing old equipment.
  • In China and India, the main challenge is approaching equipment acquisition amid significant and ongoing changes to the larger healthcare systems. Finding ways to channel an explosion in growth (upward of 40% increases in diagnostic imaging spending in each country, for example) will be a major topic for the next few years.
  • The US is experiencing its own changes, with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. However, its implementation within the context of a tepid economy poses uncertainties.

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