Through a silent auction and personal contributions, attendees of the 2011 Fall IDN Summit in Phoenix donated more than $40,000 to assist Mercy’s St John’s Regional Medical Center of Joplin, Mo, after it was destroyed by an EF-5 tornado on May 22, 2011. Donations surpassed the goal to raise $25,000 for the workers of the facility.

The tornado destroyed the medical center, leaving physicians, nurses, and other health care workers without facilities or supplies to care for the growing throng of injured in the aftermath of what would become one of the most deadliest tornadoes in US history.

During a general session at the event, the audience viewed a video showing footage of the devastation to the hospital and community of Joplin with interviews of St John’s and ROi (the hospital’s supply chain division) staff who were present when the tornado hit.

“Heroes take many forms, they come in many stripes. In times of crisis, people turn to their leaders, and they turn to the hospitals and health care professionals not only to care for their injuries but to comfort them,” said John Kelly, CEO, Bluegrass Business Media. “Now, we’re going to honor one of those health care systems that took an unbelievable blow in May of this year.”