Ekahau Inc, Saratoga, Calif, a provider of Wi-Fi-based real-time location systems (RTLS) and site-survey tools, has introduced its Site Survey (ESS) 4.0 for Wi-Fi network planning and administration, which helps users create, improve, and troubleshoot enterprise-grade networks.

Network integrators and IT managers can view network maps with visual summaries that show whether the networks meets their needs, such as voiceover Internet protocol (VoIP), video, data, and location tracking.

Features include optimization for lightweight access points—such as Cisco LWAP, Aruba Mobile Edge, the Nortel Networks WLAN Portfolio, Siemens HiPath, and automatic location determination of all nearby access points. It also addresses the problem of Wi-Fi signal leakage between floors with 3-D prediction algorithms.

Users can take ESS 4.0-equipped laptops to locations where connectivity issues are detected and get real-time information about problems and potential solutions. The product fully integrates with Ekahau RTLS. Siemens, a global reseller for ESS and Ekahau RTLS, has standardized field operations on ESS.

The product will be commercially available in January 2008.