An advanced-technology medical tester from Rigel Medical, UK, speeds up in-service safety testing procedures without compromising the integrity of tests, helping biomedical service engineers and EBME departments meet recurrent and post-repair test requirements of the new IEC 62353 standard for medical devices.

The new Rigel 288 electrical safety analyzer is equipped with Bluetooth technology for wireless connection of bar code scanners, label printers, and other accessories, allowing cable-free data transfer and safety labeling minus the cumbersome plugging and unplugging of leads and cords.

The lightweight, long-life battery-powered tester is partnered with the battery operated Test ‘n Tag Elite printer, which generates tamper-proof barcode pass-fail labels and result printouts. The printer designs and prints customized logos on each label, indicating the electrical safety of the medical equipment and contact information. Thermal paper can be used for on the spot printing of test results using industry standard 50mm-wide paper.