The National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) announces that it has published NEMA CPSP 1-2021 Supply Chain Best Practices. This document identifies a recommended set of supply chain best practices and guidelines that medical imaging manufacturers can implement during product development to minimize the possibility that bugs, malware, viruses, or other exploits can be used to impact product operation negatively. 

“Our members manufacture a diverse set of electrical and medical imaging products, and develop and follow industry best practices to secure their supply chains, operations, and products minimizing cybersecurity threats along the way,” says NEMA Cybersecurity Industry Director Steve Griffith.

Griffith adds, “Key additions to the latest version of this document include new sections on market expectations, cyber insurance, and vendor dependencies. With the evolving cybersecurity landscape, NEMA and its member companies will continue to adapt, advance, and be a resource for critical and non-critical infrastructure sectors.”

NEMA CPSP 1-2021 is available for download at no cost on the NEMA website.