The Kentucky Association for Medical Instrumentation (KAMI) announces that it is looking for members to join its new committees to tackle the behind-the-scenes issues that go into running the organization.

A KAMI chairperson will oversee each of the four new committees:

  • The program/education committee will focus on arranging speakers, meals, and locations for membership and special meetings. Committee members will assist Joshua Gans, vice president;
  • The promotion committee involves promoting KAMI both internally and externally. Committee members will assist board member Laurel Hunt;
  • The finance committee will work on the annual budget and proposing dues for the fiscal year. Committee members will assist Mike Coats, treasurer; and
  • The nomination committee will help develop a roster of nominees for the board of directors. The Chairperson for this committee will be James Helton, membership secretary.

Interested parties can contact KAMI VP Joshua Gans or the committee chair directly for more information.