Working with two partner organizations, AAMI is hosting a Global Forum this June—in conjunction with its Annual Conference & Expo in Long Beach, Calif.—that will explore the rapidly shifting landscape for how medical devices are conceived, developed, manufactured, and used around the world.

The June 1 event will serve as an opportunity for senior leaders to discuss the status of healthcare technology management (HTM) in regions around the world, says Bradley Schoener, vice president of innovation at AAMI. AAMI’s partners for this forum are the American College of Clinical Engineering (ACCE) and the International Federation of Medical and Biological Engineering’s Clinical Engineering Division (IFMBE/CED).

“Having experts in the room talking about what’s going on in Asia, the Middle East, South America, and Europe—in four hours—it will level set what everyone knows about the evolving worldwide state of healthcare technology management,” Schoener says. “This is a continuation of AAMI’s efforts to broaden and deepen the global healthcare technology community and its awareness of the global challenges facing our industry.”

At the Global Forum, AAMI, ACCE, and IFMBE/CED will share their vision for a global partnership, discuss trends and challenges in each region of the world, and consider ideas for global coordination of data collection and study. Participants will learn about the latest trends, patterns, and key issues occurring in healthcare technology as reported by regional experts.

“We’re continuing to develop a global community and raise the stature of HTM professionals in healthcare. Although every region of the world is different, we’re working together to address common challenges, share lessons learned, and coordinate the collection of data on key topics affecting the industry,” Schoener says. “If you’re planning to be at AAMI 2018, this half-day event is worth attending to broaden your worldview, gain a more global perspective, and network with a diverse group of HTM leaders and experts. It should not be missed.”

Discussion topics for each healthcare region will include:

  • Area-specific healthcare technology challenges
  • Availability of talent, sources of education, and certification
  • Relationships between regulators and manufacturers
  • Five-year trends and predictions for HTM
  • Resources needed to elevate the HTM profession and ensure the safe and effective use of healthcare technology
  • Lessons that regions can learn from one another

Attendance at the Global Forum can be added to AAMI 2018 Conference & Expo registration at no extra charge. For more information, visit