Ampronix is certainly not the new kid on the block—the Irvine, Calif.-based company has been around for more than 35 years—but it is known for its ability to adapt to the times. Below, Ampronix CEO Nelson Fathollahi sits down with 24×7 Magazine to discuss how the company promotes a culture of innovation and why he believes Ampronix is poised for many more decades of success. 

24×7 Magazine: How did you get involved in the medical equipment sector and Ampronix, in particular?

Nelson Fathollahi: Ampronix was founded in 1982 as an IT and service company—mostly servicing hospitals and the healthcare industry. In 1986, we transitioned completely into the medical market and got involved with sales, as well as service. I noticed there was a large need for quality sales, service, and repair facilities because the larger companies had a monopoly on the industry. I knew our service facility would be the perfect resource for customers who required quick, quality service and efficient solutions.

24×7: Can you please tell readers a little bit about Ampronix and the medical imaging products you sell?

Fathollahi: Ampronix prides itself on two core principles: always offering quality products and abiding by an honest purchasing method. We sell and service the best brands in the medical industry and ensure they are held up to the highest standards.

On top of that, we pass on the best pricing to our customers because we get the best prices from the original manufacturer. Specificially, we keep our costs low to help customers realize they have other options when looking for a medical repair and sales company.

24×7: Healthcare technologies are constantly innovating. How is Ampronix staying on top of this rapid growth?

Fathollahi: First and foremost, we keep in close contact with our customers to ensure their needs are constantly being met. We survey our customers to ensure we are staying on top of their requests and satisfaction. We also have an in-house research and design department, as well as an in-house inspection and diagnosis team, who work diligently to stay ahead of the curve and turn out innovative products. Ampronix is an incredibly intelligent company, in that we approach every situation poised to solve the problem.

Rather than patching a problem for a short-term result, we really dig deep to understand the core of the problem and then turn out long-term solutions. When we become aware of an existing gap in current technology, our team gets to work to create a solution if one doesn’t currently exist.

24×7: It’s well known that medical facilities are under pressure to save money and do more with less. How does Ampronix help healthcare entities achieve this goal?

Fathollahi: While we do service many other brands, Ampronix manufactures its own products as well. One of our most cost-effective devices is the Modalixx, an all-in-one display that can save end users thousands of dollars. Cath labs can cost upwards of $1.5 million, and if one display goes down, common practice is to replace the entire system.

Not only is that an extraordinary amount of money, but it is a huge inconvenience and can render the room useless for a length of time. The Modalixx display was created with that example in mind; to convert to a Modalixx Cath lab set-up only costs around $35,000. And other manufacturers have validated that Modalixx is an immediate, high-quality fix for faulty displays. At Ampronix, we look to create solutions that haven’t been done yet.

24×7: What does the future of Ampronix look like?

Fathollahi: Our immediate focus is to cover more geography and grow our customer base. We currently export to more than 130 countries worldwide, but we are still working to increase our visibility. We will always continue to evolve with technology and ensure we are ahead of the next big thing. We anticipate upcoming demand and make plans accordingly so we are prepared for our customers’ needs.