It is no secret that the curriculum from one biomed training school to another varies. In fact, standardizing curriculum is a current AAMI focus, and one 24×7 will explore in the April issue. Not knowing exactly what skills a potential employee has coming out of school, or if “specific” skills may be common among BMETs, creates challenges for hiring managers.

Having this information can also benefit techs, enabling them to expand skills to possibly increase compensation. One of our readers in particular, Kevin Roach, would like to know what biomeds are “typically” trained in.

He provides all of the microscope service, as well as providing biomedical services, for a hospital that has more than 450 microscopes. He says: “I am curious how many biomeds actually do microscope repair on-site.”

Can you help Kevin? How does your hospital handle microscope repair? What is your experience when it comes to this?

Sharing your thoughts will not only help Kevin, but will also let others in the profession know how this service is handled elsewhere.