It’s the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation’s (AAMI’s) Healthcare Technology Management Week and facilities across the country are finding unique ways to celebrate their biomed departments. For example, EMH Elyria Medical Center in Elyria, Ohio, put a display in the cafeteria that includes pictures of the members of the department doing various jobs with explanations of who they are and what health care technology management is all about.

I often hear that one of the biggest struggles for biomeds and clinical engineering departments is being recognized in the hospital. To counteract this, some departments attempt to work more frequently on patient floors to increase their visibility while others simply work more closely with the administration to ensure that they receive the credit and recognition they deserve.

The Healthcare Technology Management Week presents an opportunity for clinical engineer departments to really put their work on display. Is your department doing anything during this celebratory week to highlight your contributions to the facility?