As the healthcare technology management (HTM) field faces record staffing shortages and an ever-increasing demand for new skills and specializations, promoting a department’s best and brightest is one of the most effective ways to ensure a health system or service provider is ready for tomorrow. That’s why AAMI is pleased to announce the publication of a practical guide for HTM professionals who are interested in advancing their careers or the careers of their staff into new leadership roles.

AAMI’s Leadership Development Guide: A Resource for Healthcare Technology Management Professionals provides comprehensive tips, best practices, and exercises for HTM staff seeking professional advancement and supervisors seeking to train employees for leadership roles.

“This guide was created to give HTM professionals a roadmap for career advancement. It provides guidance for those looking to move into leadership roles,” says Danielle McGeary, AAMI vice president of HTM.

The guide, produced by the AAMI’s Technology Management Council (TMC), features key topics by section:

  • Getting Started: A step-by-step process to creating your own career plan.
  • Toolkit: A career progressions graphic and leadership progression grid for HTM professionals, alongside planning worksheets on advancement and corporate structure.
  • Career Planning Opportunities: Sources on development opportunities for each of the skill and knowledge domains on the HTM leadership progression grid. These include leadership, equipment expertise, financial management, and more.
  • Communicating Your Plans: A ‘how-to’ for working with your HR department and organizational leadership, including meeting guidelines and sample agendas for communicating your career goals and plans.
  • Interviewing for Leadership Positions: Tips and techniques for senior level interviewing, including key dos and don’ts.
  • FAQs: Answers to the most frequently asked questions about career planning, taking on leadership roles, continuing education, and more.

The document is free for AAMI members, but can be purchased a la carte in the AAMI store. Questions? Reach out to [email protected].