DMS Topline Medical

DMS Topline Medical, Fargo, ND, a division of DMS Health Technologies, specializes in cost-effective alternatives for new equipment purchases and offers a variety of used and reconditioned ultrasound systems, probes, transducers, and parts. The company stocks systems from multiple manufacturers, including Philips, Acuson, Hewlett-Packard, Sony, Mitsubishi, ATL, and others. Prior to sale, all systems are cleaned, tested, calibrated, and made patient-ready for immediate use. In addition to ultrasound equipment sales, the company can also create a flexible rental program for facilities to address short- or long-term equipment needs.

(701) 297-3051

Medrad MVS

MEDRAD Multi Vendor Service (MVS), from Medrad, Warrendale, Pa, provides depot-based service for ultrasound transducers from any OEM, in locations around the world, as well as ultrasound probe repair. MVS also offers its TotalRepair solution, a guaranteed repair solution on select ultrasound probes, which sets a “worst case scenario” price up front to help facilities reduce costs associated with probe exchanges and replacements. Since its launch in March 2009, MVS has added 60 probe models to the program’s list, including some TEE and 3D/4D probes. The company offers an extended 6-month warranty on standard probes and a 90-day warranty for TEE probes.

(800) MEDRAD-1

Conquest Imaging

Conquest Imaging, Stockton, Calif, offers facilities an alternative to OEMs by helping reduce costs associated with ultrasound service. The company provides a full range of ultrasound diagnostics services, including probe repair, parts, field service, and service training. It provides full support on all GE, Philips, Siemens, Acuson, ATL, and HP ultrasound systems.

The company makes in-house ultrasound service possible for biomeds across the country by offering more than 50 ultrasound service training classes per year. Classes cover ultrasound basics, DICOM, preventive maintenance, ACR compliance, image quality, and service on more than 25 different systems. Conquest Imaging also maintains a dedicated technical support department, available 24/7.

(800) 496-9906

Midwest Imaging

Midwest Imaging, St Charles, Mo, offers parts, systems, labor, and peripherals on a variety of ultrasound equipment, including devices by Siemens, Philips, and GE, at rates substantially lower than the original equipment manufacturer’s cost. Additional extended warranty options on parts are also available.

In an effort to improve customer satisfaction, the company is ramping up existing service efforts, providing fast customer callback, tested warranty parts and systems, and 24/7 technical support. In 2010, the company plans to add more sales and service staff to cover new US operations.

(877) 889-8223


GMI, Charlotte, NC, repairs both TEE and standard probes manufactured by major OEMs. GMI helps a department self-support and service its ultrasound equipment. It offers ultrasound training courses, ongoing technical support, and comprehensive transducer repair. GMI’s introductory ultrasound class covers basic ultrasound physics, system architecture, functional operation, and basic troubleshooting skills. Its in-depth training includes hands-on testing, troubleshooting, knobology, and discussion of the most common issues and resolutions.

GMI was recognized by Entrepreneur and Inc. magazines as one of America’s fastest-growing companies.

(800) 958-9986


SonoSite, Bothell, Wash, has expanded its existing compact ultrasound product line with the introduction of the new NanoMaxx—a 6-pound, high-resolution imaging tool with a touch screen interface that provides point-of-care visualization to a variety of medical specialties. The rugged system, which is drop tested at 3 feet, targets applications that will improve patient safety and minimize complications. Features include one-button control, proprietary imaging algorithms, and a 20-second boot-up time.

The company also offers additional portable ultrasound products weighing less than 10 pounds, such as the flagship M-Turbo system, a versatile system for abdominal, nerve, vascular, cardiac, venous access, pelvic, and superficial imaging.

(888) 482-9449