In a July 30 news story on its website, AAMI announced that Tom Hargest, “who blazed new trails as a clinical engineer and once served as chair of AAMI’s Board of Directors,” died on July 24.

In 1974, Hargest earned the first clinical engineering certification, holding AAMI certificate 001. He also served as the first chair of the Board of Examiners that awarded these certifications. A decade later, in 1983, Hargest received what now is called the Healthcare Technology Management Leader of the Year Award.

“Tom Hargest was a pivotal figure in the development of the concept of clinical engineering,” said former AAMI President Michael Miller. “He worked through a number of issues that were essential for developing the concept and ultimately the practice of clinical engineering. Tom was a problem solver and had the ability to work through issues in a practical way and avoid politics, personality conflicts, and the other intangibles that could get in the way of getting the job done. There were few people I enjoyed working with any more than Tom.”

For more information on Hargest, read the AAMI obituary.