AAMI_electrical safety manual 2015AAMI has issued an update to a guide on electrical safety first published in 2008 and intended for use by HTM professionals and facilities managers. Electrical Safety Manual, 2015 details how to implement an electrical safety program and lists the core requirements for such a program. The volume also overviews key codes, standards, and regulations that impact medical devices.

“A key objective of this manual is to provide a single publication that pulls together critical material from the full range of applicable codes and standards,” author Matt Baretich, president of Baretich Engineering, Fort Collins, Colo, wrote in the introduction.

Some of the volume’s key updates include new material on facility-related electrical safety and isolated power systems. The manual also addresses the 2012 update to the National Fire Protection Association 99 Health Care Facilities Code. Like the previous version, the latest edition emphasizes the need for facilities to responsibly manage electrical safety to avoid hazards, and to familiarize themselves with rules concerning electrical safety testing. The manual covers both equipment-related and facility-related safety requirements, as well as guidance for handling medical device recalls and equipment-related incidents.

The manual is available to AAMI members for $117 and to nonmembers at a list price of $195. For more information, visit the AAMI store.