Unfors RaySafe, a Fluke Biomedical company, has released a new radiation sensor to achieve precise survey measurements in the x-ray energy range. The RaySafe X2 Survey sensor expands the company’s RaySafe X2 x-ray measurement system, offering the ability to perform leakage and scatter measurements in diagnostic x-ray applications.

“Our customers will be pleased to find the simple design they know from the other RaySafe X2 sensors, coupled with unprecedented accuracy and sensitivity,” said Magnus Kristofferson, CEO of Unfors RaySafe. “We’re proud to expand the quality assurance sensor portfolio.”

The silicon-based sensor includes both manual and automatic trigger modes that allow it to capture low dose-rate measurements in both an x-ray machine’s primary beam and scattered radiation. The device also offers the ability to switch energy response by toggling between Air Kerma (Gy or R) and Ambient Dose Equivalent (Sv) modes. The RaySafe X2 is also lightweight with a fast response time, making it suitable for locating tube leakage or cracks in walls.

For more information, visit the Fluke Biomedical website.