The North Central Biomedical Association (NCBA) will hold its next quarterly meeting on December 14.

The meeting—exact location to be determined—will take place from 10 am to 2 pm in St Paul, Minn.

Sue Finney, CBET, BSM, MBA, will speak on the meeting’s topic of changing quality assurance processes in health care. She will review the development of quality assurance processes at national and local levels, describe how the organizational structure in a health care system can impact quality assurance, and show how leaders and managers can impact the effectiveness of a quality assurance committee. Finney will also address interdisciplinary relationships and how to cross departmental lines to tie together different disciplines. She will also provide a strategy for committee development or changing an existing quality assurance program using endoscope image quality assurance as a model.

ACT Services LLC, St Paul, Minn, will sponsor the event and provide lunch. Visit the NCBA Web site for more information.